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Services for Customer Success

Services for Customer Success

We take a broad view of Customer Service - we believe we should help you avoid problems as well as solve them if they occur. That is why we offer a full range of services taylored to your needs and requirements. Building strong co-operative relationships is essential to the fulfillment of tasks. This requires not only technical skills but also enhanced communication, knowledge transfer and creativity. Qualities greatly appreciated by our clients.



Being proactive on customer service is the key to our success

e-Tectra Design & Development Services

Design and Development: > CRM Integration > Mobile Applications > Interactive Database Applications > Web Content Management Learn more

iLinc Training

The iLinc Product Training team is committed to providing customers with the skills and training they need to effectively solve business needs through the use of iLinc’s web and video conferencing software. View now

iLinc Integration Services

Parsec Infotech offers iLinc integration solutions with industry leading Learning Management Systems (LMS), as well as Premiere Global audio conferencing, Microsoft Outlook®, and Salesforce CRM. Learn more

Implementation Services

As an iLinc customer, you've got the industry's best support team at your service as you prepare to implement and roll out your new iLinc web conferencing software across your department or the entire organization. Learn more


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